Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

A non-franchised domestic and commercial carpet and
upholstery cleaning service in Edinburgh


Your home is special. Your carpets, rugs, and soft furnishings make your home welcoming, warm, and comfortable. Regular cleaning - daily or weekly brushing and vacuuming - maintains cleanliness and is effective in helping preserve carpets and other furnishing materials but every so often ‘deep’ cleaning is needed to restore ‘as new’ freshness.

CarpetRevive is an established independent specialist company in Edinburgh that can undertake all your domestic furnishings cleaning tasks. We will identify your needs and quote value for money prices for the work you need to be done, using the best products on the market.

It’s easy to put off getting organized and scheduling the cleaning to be done but getting an estimate from carpet revive couldn’t be easier. And it’s not simply money; CarpetRevive’s proprietor, Mr Steven Magee, will be pleased to discuss with you the schedule and timing and put the work in the calendar on days to suit you. For a home visit to provide your free no-obligation quotation simply get in touch using the contact form or, if you prefer, telephone 0131 516 7644 or 07802 483 917. CarpetRevive can provide a service seven days a week throughout the year though members of staff do like to take a holiday sometimes!

If your furnishings or carpets have suffered an accident, CarpetRevive will provide an expert assessment of your problem and give advice on how it can be addressed. If you have other surfaces in your home that need attention including marble, terracotta and other ‘hard’ floorings CarpetRevive also has the necessary expertise to deal with these tasks.


Maintaining a clean workplace for visitors and employees is essential in good business practice. Regular specialist cleaning will preserve carpets and furnishings and save your business money. CarpetRevive, an established independent company in Edinburgh, can meet your needs for cleaning carpets and a range of soft furnishings. We source the best materials on the market and use them to ‘do the job’ effectively and efficiently at value for money prices. Scheduling and timing is flexible to meet your needs and get the job done with minimal or no disruption to business activities.

Emergency cleaning tasks can usually be undertaken at very short notice within the Edinburgh area, simply phone 0131 516 7644 or 07802 483 917

Personal service - No fuss - Expertise and experience - Reliable scheduling - Value for money...

What’s not to like?

To meet the proprietor Mr Steven Magee to discuss your needs and how he can help, simply get in touch using the contact form or, if you prefer telephone 0131 516 7644 or 07802 483 917 to make an appointment.



I'm genuinely surprised. It's not often you find a company who does what they say they will - you were fast, professional and the carpets are so clean. I couldn't be happier.


Cleanliness is very important to me, and I think the last time they were this clean was when they were new.


The thought of having to replace all of those carpets was a nightmare. Thank you so much for a fabulous job. Once you finished, they looked almost brand new.


I've cleaned these carpets myself several times, and with different systems but they've never come up as well as this. It's true - you should always trust the professionals! You've done an amazing job.


I'm extremely impressed. These carpets look great and it didn't cost nearly as much as I thought. If I'm honest, I was pretty sceptical, but not any more. I have absolutely no problem recommending you to anyone.